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EMDR and Schema Therapy

30 November, 2018 (45 min)
This was the inaugural event of our Harmonious Discussions series at Brisbane Harmony Centre, where we get therapists together for a stimulating and sometimes controversial discussion on a topic in the trauma treatment field. You can sign up for an invitation to attend these free events here.

EMDR Therapy - Considerations for Complex Cases

18 July, 2019 (68 min)
This presentation looks at some of the complexities of using EMDR with complex trauma and dissociation. Catherine provides a detailed look at the adaptive information processing model and its therapeutic mechanics, demonstrating how to formulate complex cases with clarity. She takes a close look at common areas of confusion and stuck points for EMDR therapists, and introduces a framework for resolving these processing difficulties. This is elaborate in her 1-day training Advanced Topics in EMDR Therapy.

An Overview of Parts Work - the 7 elements used to prepare dissociative clients for resolving traumatic memories

2 September, 2022 (30 minutes plus 15 minutes Q&A webinar)
In this brief (30 minute) overview of parts work, Catherine explains why our therapies don't land when dissociation is present, and what you can do about it. She defines and demonstrates the 7 essential elements of parts work interventions, that is, therapies that work on harmonising the functioning of different parts of the nervous system, to encourage a more integrated way of being in the world.
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Self Care During the Global Pandemic

1 April, 2020 (18 min)
Catherine presents practical strategies for self care and managing stress and anxiety during the current global pandemic.