Training Overview

About the Trainings

Catherine’s trainings support mental health practitioners to achieve healthy self care while developing high level treatment skills. She practices evidence based therapies that are consistent with neuroscience. Some trainings are offered only in person, others are available online, and some are available in both formats. You can also view several free webinars here.

All trainings include:

  • Catherine’s warm, engaging style.
  • Real world clinical examples, on video where appropriate if the training is in person.
  • A practical focus on clinical skills participants can use today.
  • Knowledge soundly grounded in neuroscience and psychological theory, and primary references and further readings for those keen to deepen their knowledge.
  • Handouts, resources for clinicians and full references.
  • Feedback solicited from participants that is used to improve trainings.

About the Presenter

Catherine has a passion for helping people to achieve wellbeing by harnessing the brain’s healing potential. She is a clinical psychologist who has been registered since 2009, and has been an EMDR Consultant since 2018. She has a PhD in clinical psychology and neuropsychology from the University of Queensland, a Masters degree in functional neuroimaging from Dartmouth College (USA) and a BA in philosophy and neuroscience from the University of Toronto.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Catherine conducted brain research using fMRI, and working with people with brain injury and disease to understand the neurological systems that support empathy and social cognition and behaviour. She has worked clinically in Australia and the UK in drug and alcohol, mental health rehabilitation and community mental health.

Catherine’s current private practice work at the Brisbane Harmony Centre focuses on treating complex trauma and dissociation in adults, and she is also one of the clinic’s three directors. She supervises for the Psychology Board of Australia and the EMDR Association of Australia, offers trauma informed trainings for mental health practitioners, and provides wellbeing workshops to the general public.

Therapeutically, Catherine works integratively, and draws on therapies whose mechanisms are consistent with brain science. She uses EMDR Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Coherence Therapy, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in her treatments. She also draws on models of dissociation including the Model of Structural Dissociation, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Ego State Therapy.

COVID-19 Policy

Anyone booked onto an in-person training who has to isolate at the last minutes due to illness is offered:

  • If you are well enough, you can zoom you into the live event so you can still participate live.
  • If you're not well enough to attend, we'll make an audio recording, and schedule a Q&A on zoom at a later date so you get an opportunity to ask any questions you might have after listening to the recordings.

Please only book an in-person training if you are intending to attend in person; these provisions are for those who genuinely cannot attend due to illness, as we endeavour to preserve the atmosphere of our in-person events. Please consider Catherine's online training options if remote attendance is your preference.

Trainings Offered in 2023

Workshops with Practicum

Trauma Informed Self Care for Clinicians

Available in person (3 hours), via remote delivery, and online in partnership with Pracademics –


Recognising and Managing Resistance – a Wellbeing Strategy for Clients and Therapists

Available in person only (1 day).


Treating Trauma and Dissociation

Working with Dissociation: an Introductory Workshop

Available in person (2 days) and online interactive (self-paced interactive modules with live remote Q&A) in partnership with Pracademics -


Working with Dissociation: Advanced Topics

Available in person only (2 days).


EMDR Therapy

Advanced Topics in EMDR Therapy

Available in person (2 days) and online in a series of webinars – (7 hours)

Catherine can also design a training specifically for your service on trauma, dissociation, or other topics including schema therapy, compassion focussed therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology. Costing will depend on the scope of the project and the time to prepare the content.