Trauma Informed Self Care for Mental Health Workers

This is a brief introduction to trauma informed self care for mental health workers – it runs for approximately 51 mins.

Clinicians who work with people who have experienced trauma are at risk of developing vicarious trauma. In this practical workshop, Catherine describes some of the research into vicarious trauma and its mitigation, and leads you through developing a detailed personal plan for self care, giving you time to reflect on your personal situation, and providing trauma informed strategies from EMDR therapy and somatosensory psychotherapy, along with practical tips from Catherine’s own experience as a trauma therapist in private practice.

This short training course is available for purchase for $45 (including GST).


  • Access to the online presentation
  • PDFs of the slides
  • Pre-workshop self care evaluation
  • Handouts for participants to detail a self care plan
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Catherine manages these orders herself, and endeavours to provide you with the workshop within 5 business days following receipt of your payment.

Pricing is for an individual, but group rates are possible, please contact Catherine to enquire about group discounts. An enormous amount of work goes into producing a training like this, so please don’t share content or access with another individual without making an arrangement with Catherine directly. Thank you for your understanding!