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Alongside Catherine's therapeutic activities, she offers wellbeing workshops and events for the general public through Wellbeing Wisdom.

These workshops, courses and events are aimed at the general public, at people who wish to learn practices and knowledge that make life easier and more fulfilling. Wellbeing Wisdom's workshops combine insights from neuroscience, clinical psychology and philosophy, and share wisdom from those domains to enhance people's overall wellbeing.

Wellbeing Wisdom workshops are unique in their focus. Workshop participants learn practices to develop self-awareness, inner peace and a sense of value, some of the building blocks of mental wellbeing.

Visit the Wellbeing Wisdom website for more information.


Wellbeing Wisdom workshops are not a substitute for mental health treatment. No health information is collected in the workshops, nor does Catherine offer treatment through these workshops, she solely provides information and training. People with mental health concerns should see their GP or mental health provider.

Have you written a safety plan for your wellbeing?

As practitioners we talk about safety planning all the time. We know the importance of planning ahead for times when you are too overwhelmed to think straight. Yet personally we often wait until we are feeling stressed out to consider self-care – at which time our brain is in action mode and tells us “not yet, just one more thing.” No wonder it is so hard to practice what we preach!

Catherine has built an online module to help you develop a personal safety plan based on the latest research and her clinical expertise as a trauma therapist. You can tick off one hour of active PD while ensuring you stay safe and focused as we respond to the mental health impacts of COVID in the years ahead.

This module will benefit anyone working in human services, but is vital for supervisors, new graduates and trauma therapists to protect your wellbeing and continue to be effective in the work you do.

You can download the accompanying course guide 'Safety Plan for Practitioners' which is a 22 page safety plan template that will guide you through assessing risk and planning for safety.

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