In-Person Training

Working with Dissociation: an Introductory Workshop

AVAILABILITY: in-person and online
Online: (

DURATION: 2 days
IN-PERSON DELIVERY COST: $595+GST per person, including tea, coffee and lunch
TARGET AUDIENCE: Mental Health Practitioners who work with trauma and complex trauma

Dissociation and dissociative disorders are common clinical phenomena, but unfortunately, they are often misunderstood, under-diagnosed and frequently remain untreated in clinical practice. This introductory workshop provides an overview of research on dissociative disorders, assessment and treatment considerations for mental health clinicians who are looking to begin to develop expertise in the treatment of trauma and dissociation in adults. 

This workshop is intended as professional development for mental health practitioners who offer therapeutic interventions for people with trauma. It assumes knowledge of clinical skills, working with complex clinical presentations, and therapy for trauma.

Detailed Content Summary

Part 1: The Context of Therapy

  • Working within Area of Expertise
  • Therapist Self Care
  • Grounding and Containment
  • Establishing Boundaries

Part 2: Research on Dissociative Disorders

  • Definition and Prevalence
  • Causes of Dissociative Disorders
  • Models and Explanations of Dissociation (briefly)
  • Controversies and Evidence Against the Controversies

Part 3: Assessment Considerations and Treatment Beginnings

  • History Taking
  • Reported
  • Observed
  • Formal Measures
  • Formulating Dissociation
  • Managing Dissociation in Session

Part 4: Treatment

  • Mapping a Dissociative System
  • Case example

Part 5: Managing Risks and Concluding Remarks

  • Possible road blocks to therapy
  • Directions for Future Learning
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