Supervision / Consultation with Psychologists

I am a clinical psychologist and obtained general registration in 2009. I have been an accredited EMDR practitioner since 2015, and an EMDR Consultant since 2018. I am a Psychology Board of Australia Approved Supervisor.

I work primarily with adults who have experienced neglect and/or trauma during childhood. I am comfortable consulting on both straightforward and complex cases. I work in collaboration with other colleagues when consultees require specific competencies with couples or children.

The therapies that I use regularly include:

My Philosophy of Consultation

Consultation is a special and important part of the practice of psychology. Ideally, it ensures that therapists are adhering to the highest ethical standards, using up-to-date, evidence-based treatments, getting feedback that encourages self-awareness and self-reflection, and managing their own wellbeing, which is a key ingredient to a person's ability to help others to heal.

I love consulting for many reasons. I learn a lot from the people I consult with through their challenges, their work contexts and their unique perspectives. Consulting, along with professional development, keeps my knowledge of research and therapy current, which helps me to offer better therapies to the people on my own caseload. I enjoy watching therapists develop their skills and self confidence, and seeing people develop as capable and self-possessed professionals. I can summarise my philosophy of consultation as follows:


Consultation should happen in a supportive environment that feels safe enough for consultees to be honest about their difficulties. As a consultant, I aim to establish a comfortable, private space for consultees to explore struggles openly, knowing that they will be understood and assisted.


Learning takes place when we are challenged, and consultation should provide challenges to consultees. Through role plays, case discussions, readings and training, consultation should stretch consultees to master new skills and develop new knowledge and perspectives, and to become reflective about themselves in their psychological practice. When consulting, I try to keep the level of challenge at the right level that will encourage consultees to grow and thrive.

Finding a Good Fit

Different people need different things at different times. The consultation relationship is a professional one, but an intimate one at the same time. It is important that the consultant's knowledge and style are appropriate to the consultee's current needs, and this should be evaluated regularly. It is usually healthy for consultees to eventually outgrow their consultant, and to evolve to seek a new relationship with someone with a different style or skill set.